Pet Behavior Problems

2 hours
Includes a medical and behavioral evaluation of your pet, explanation of your pet's problem, diagnoses, prognosis, written treatment plan and a demonstration of applicable behavior modification techniques with your pet. If medications are indicated as part of your pet's treatment, that will be discussed as well and if needed prescribed for your pet.


One-on-one Behavior Modification

1 hour
Our own veterinary assistant/certified pet dog trainer will meet with you at the hospital, your home or another location to help you implement the behavior modification plan laid out by Dr. Radosta. This service is available exclusively to our patients.


Day Board and Train

Our own veterinary technician or assistant/dog trainer will work with your pet regularly while your pet stays at one of our hospitals to help implement the behavior modification plan laid out by Dr. Radosta. This service is exclusively available to our patients.


Baby Preparation

1 1/2 hours
This appointment is for non aggressive pets. If your pet is aggressive, please schedule a pet behavior problem appointment (see above). Includes an evaluation of your pet and instructions on how to prepare your pet for the addition of a baby to your household. Each appointment includes 2 months of phone and/or email follow-up.



Reactive Dog Class

Dr. Radosta teaches a Reactive Dog Class. This class is 6 weeks long and is intended for dogs who are reactive (barking, lunging and growling) on leash.

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Lectures/Wet Labs

Dr. Radosta lectures locally, nationally and internationally to veterinarians, veterinary staff, dog clubs and dog owners on veterinary behavior topics.

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