Canine Rehabilitation

Canine Rehabilitation


What is Canine Physical Rehabilitation?

Canine physical rehabilitation is the treatment of injury or illness to decrease pain and restore function. It is similar to physical therapy in people. Benefits of such therapies include: reduced pain and inflammation, improved circulation, quicker surgical recovery time, muscle strengthening and endurance, improved mobility, range of motion and functional abilities, as well as weight loss.


What should I expect?

During your initial consultation our rehabilitation specialist, assisted by our rehabilitation therapist, will thoroughly examine and evaluate your dog and recommend the best possible course of treatment tailored specifically to your dog's needs. Our rehabilitation therapist will then instruct you on what you can do at home to treat your pet. Once the treatment plan is identified we can begin setting up a schedule of rehabilitation sessions to start therapy. Treatment sessions are scheduled Mondays-Fridays. Sessions will be scheduled as drop-off appointments in which your dog will spend several hours here receiving multiple treatments and exercises throughout the day. When you return, you will meet with your therapist and discuss your dog's progress and address any questions you may have.


Current Therapies Offered

Hydrotherapy/Underwater Treadmill
Laser Therapy
Manual Therapy
Land Treadmill
Therapeutic Exercises
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Shockwave Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma


Regenerative Medicine

In Clinic Stem Cell Therapy
Shockwave Therapy


Benefits of Rehabilitation

Decreased pain
Quicker recovery from surgery
Improved mobility and function
Improved range of motion
Muscle strengthening and endurance
Weight Loss

Rehabilitation can benefit patients with arthritis, orthopedic and neurological injuries, athletic injuries, weakness and obesity.