Coral Springs Animal Hospital Wins PetPlan’s Veterinary Practice of the Year – 2015

PetPlan Practice of the Year 2015 Coral Springs Animal Hospital

PETPLAN Practice of the Year 2015 :

Coral Springs Animal Hospital (CSAH) was established by Lloyd S Meisels, DVM, in 1977. From just one doctor and two employees, the team has flourished into a 140-strong team who cares for more than 50,000 pets per year. The AAHA- and AAFP-accredited hospital is open 24/7/365 and offers general practice, boarding and specialty/emergency care. It is also a regional referral center for more than 600 veterinarians!

Why CSAH stood out –
If a four-legged friend has a medical emergency, the talented, caring professionals at CSAH are ready to spring into action. “I am so grateful for the CSAH team saving my dog Diesel’s life,” Brittany Buccieri said. “When he overheated and collapsed, I rushed him to CSAH around 9p.m. Before I even pulled into the parking lot, an emergency nurse was outside waiting for him. Diesel stayed overnight and was cared for by amazing nurses and two excellent emergency clinicians. Thanks to the wonderful doctors, Diesel made it. I know if I ever have an emergency with one of my babies the CSAH team is ready to help at any time of day or night!”

In their own words –
How are team members recognized, promoted and rewarded? “We have an MVP contest held quarterly. Leadership nominates their most deserving staff member and the staff vote for the winner, who is given a plaque, certificate and gift card. We also reward outstanding staff members with trips to conferences and compensation increases. Our hospital is family-owned and operated, so we have a very close bond with our staff members. We consider them our family.”

Is the practice affiliated with any rescues, shelters, or other nonprofit pet organizations? “We provide veterinary care for a multitude of law enforcement K9 units. CSAH is also an exclusive provider for the Animal Neglect and Abuse Division of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and a major provider of domestic violence care.”

A bit of fun –
Do you have any “resident” pets at the clinic, or staff pets who visit frequently?
Black Labrador Astrid belongs to our practice manager Shayne Gardner, and Golden Labrador Chevy belongs to our IT manager Stacy Frank. Chevy and Astrid are brother and sister and love each other unconditionally. When Chevy wants to play with Astrid, he runs to Shayne’s office and stands at the door waiting to be let in!

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