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Coral Springs Animal Hospital was established by Lloyd S. Meisels, D.V.M. in September 1977.
The hospital originally occupied 2,500 square feet of rental space in a shopping center at the corners of Royal Palm Blvd. and University Drive in the City of Coral Springs. Since its opening, thanks to the support and acceptance of our pet owning clientele, the Coral Springs Animal Hospital has experienced consistent and dramatic growth. The practice which was started with just one doctor and two employees is now staffed by thirty five doctors and over one hundred fifteen employees. We have outgrown three buildings and continue to improve ourselves to ensure we are consistently meeting or exceeding the varying needs and desires of the large majority of the pet owning public. We have grown to become the largest privately owned animal hospital in the state of Florida and one of the largest in the United States. We were awarded the prestigious National Hospital of the Year Award in 2012. Our hospital building is modern, professional, comfortable, and is kept immaculately clean for sanitary purposes.

We are a full service animal hospital offering the following services:
- A Primary Care and Wellness / Preventive Care Practice (General, Family Practice)
- A Specialty Referral Practice with Board Certified Veterinary Specialists in a multitude of medical disciplines.
- A 24/7/365 Emergency Critical Care Service (Doctor and nurse staffed at all times).
- A premier modern Boarding facility.

CSAH is open and staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Our Emergency and Critical Care department is equivalent to that of an emergency department in a human hospital. There is no delay in waiting for a doctor to call you back and then drive to their office (often without adequate support staff) to treat a sick or injured animal Doctors and nursing staff are on duty 24/7/365. With a fully functional in-house laboratory, there are no delays in conducting blood tests and obtaining results. Additionally, we have board certified specialists on-call 24 hours/day so there are no delays when emergency surgical services or medical procedures are needed. All of these services are available immediately.

We treat more than 50,000 companion animals at our facility each year.
Many of those patients come to us for basic preventive care, such as annual vaccination or examination. Others may be presented for illness or injury requiring medical treatment or surgery by our veterinarians (general practitioners or specialists).

Coral Springs Animal Hospital regularly receives referrals from over 600 local veterinarians in the tri-county area and from veterinarians as far away as Jacksonville, Key West, Naples, and the Caribbean Islands.
Providing the ultimate in patient diagnostics, treatment and surgery, we are a regional referral center for Florida veterinarians. Our board certified specialists accept and consult on cases requiring advanced specialized medical or surgical treatment. Our hospital is equipped with modern sophisticated equipment and intensive care facilities necessary for treating companion animals.

General Practitioners refer cases when:
- There is a need for additional expertise
- A need for additional equipment and/or services to provide diagnostics and/or treatment(s).
- They are unable to reach a diagnosis.
- There is an unresolved or worsening condition.
- A need for 24 hour care.
- Pet owner desires a second opinion.

Since its inception, the practice has been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. The AAHA is a voluntary organization that sets standards to ensure excellence in small animal care. We are accredited as a General Practice as well as Specialty / Referral accreditation in Surgery, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Emergency/Critical Care and Neurology.

We provide veterinary care for a multitude of law enforcement K9 Units including:
- Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO)
- Coconut Creek Police Department
- Coral Springs Police Department
- Florida Department of Fish & Wildlife
- Florida Department of Transportation
- Lauderhill Police Department
- Margate Police Department
- Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) - Including Broward and Dade Ports of Entry and Federal Air Marshal Services.

Coral Springs Animal Hospital is also an exclusive provider for the Animal Neglect and Abuse Division of the Broward Sheriff's Office and a major provider of domestic violence (DV Care).

Our formula for success is quite simple, quoting from our Doctor's Manual: "Veterinarians should consider firs the welfare of the patient for the purpose of relieving suffering.... while causing a minimum of pain or fright. Benefit to the patient should transcend personal advantage or monetary gain in decisions concerning therapy." This animal hospital strives to practice veterinary medicine and surgery with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism. We have worked hard and have earned a reputation for doing just that.