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Coral Springs Animal Hospital has a caring, well trained and observant staff to attend to all your pets' daily needs, 24 hours a day.

The hospital is "Hurricane Proof" and "Fire Safe"(full sprinkler system). We also have a 2500kv generator onsite to ensure that the power will never go out and we always keep the temperature at a comfortable level for your pet.

Our focus is on providing a clean, safe and loving pet care experience for you and your pets.

We provide a comfortable "home away from home" experience for your pet while you are away.

Each run is seperated by tempered glass so the dogs have panoramic views of their surroundings and each other. Most dogs love this set-up and many people don't realize how much dogs enjoy socializing with their peers. So, pet boarding at Coral Springs Animal hospital is like going to summer camp!

Dogs are hand walked outside on our spacious property for exercise (just as you would at home) a minimum of 3 times a day. All pets are double leashed for safety.

We offer a large outdoor on leash exercise area for dogs who are staying with us, to play, walk and enjoy the outdoors.



Rabies Vaccine
DA2P Vaccine
Bordetella Vaccine
Canine Influenza Vaccine
Leptospirosis Vaccine
Fecal Test*
*Fecal Tests are required every 6 months