Feline Boarding



Feline Boarding

Our luxurious cat townhouses are the ultimate in pet boarding accommodations for your furry friend. You can rest assured that when you board your cat at Coral Springs Animal Hospital, your pampered felines will enjoy spending the day in a beautifully crafted townhouse. We offer cat townhouses that are 4 feet tall and 7 feet tall. So, out pet boarding solution for cats is able to accommodate any feline need for climbing or lounging.

Do you have several cats in your family? We have a variety of combinations of adjoining cat townhouses that will easily accommodate the largest families of cats. Your cats will have an unobstructed view of their surrounding behind a full-length glass door. They will also have complete privacy in the kitty liter box area located on the first floor behind the door.

Cat Play Gym

For safety and sanitary reasons, we do not ever allow animals from different families to directly interact.

Only cats from the same family are allowed to play together on the play gym.

All play gym activity is supervised by a member of our staff.

Feline Townhome Pricing

Single 4' Tall Two Adjoining 4' Tall Single 8' Tall Three Adjoining 4' Tall Two Adjoining 8' Tall
Pricing per night for one cat $21.24 $28.29 $28.29 $49.53 $56.58
Pricing per night (2nd cat) NA $21.24 $21.24 $21.24 $21.24
Dimensions 30" x 47" x 29" 30" x 90" x 29" 30" x 90" x 29" 60" x 90" x 29" 60" x 90" x 29"
Day Boarding $13.82 $18.42 $18.42 $27.61 $36.80

Please note the following requirements for boarding:

  • Rabies Vaccine

  • FVRCP Vaccine

  • Fecal Tests are required every 6 months