Groundbreaking News! New MRI Construction Is Underway!

Groundbreaking MRI ON THE WAY!

Groundbreaking News! New MRI Construction Is Underway!

Coral Springs Animal Hospital is pleased to inform you that construction of our new 5,000 SF addition has begun, and we will soon (in a few months) install the PetVet 1.5T High Field MRI. Once installation is complete we will then be able to offer high quality diagnostic imaging on-site in lieu our current off-site facility.

With the medical expertise and sophisticated equipment on-site, Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist Dr. Melissa Jennings and our neurology service will be able to provide a much timelier and convenient client and patient experience every time. In addition to providing advanced imaging and neuro/neurosurgical services, our comprehensive physical rehabilitation department led by Dr. Carolina Medina, Board Certified in Sports Medicine and Canine Rehabilitation, we will be able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of neurological diseases, spinal cord disorders, brain tumors, seizures, etc. from diagnosis to recovery.

PetVet offers a number of unique features that made it attractive to us, such as high quality imaging of difficult to view structures using veterinary specific sequencing using an FDA approved magnet which is already established in over 200 human hospitals worldwide. Hallmarq provides high quality technical support 24/7/365 to ensure we are able to provide the best timely care for your patients.

The Neurology Department is available Mondays through Thursdays. Please call (954) 753-1800 with questions or to refer a patient to Dr. Jennings.