Digital Imaging (X-Ray) & Advanced Imaging (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, & Fluoroscopy)

Coral Springs Animal Hospital uses only the latest technology in imaging equipment in order to obtain the highest level of diagnostic information. We follow the high standards set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Our Diagnostic Imaging Standards Include:

  • A Board-Certified Radiologist will evaluate your pet’s digital radiography (x-rays) and provide a thorough interpretation of his/her findings, just as in human medicine. A board-certified radiologist is a residency-trained specialist who has successfully completed the certification requirements of the American College of Veterinary Radiology –
  • Digital Radiography allows for immediate observation of radiographic images. Digital radiographs are taken and repeated if needed until they display the correct positioning of the patient with the correct contrast and without any movement of the patient. We can tell immediately if our images are of diagnostic quality. If not, they are repeated, at no charge, until they meet our standards.
  • Your pet will receive mild sedatives or anesthetics to minimize discomfort and/or anxiety before, during, and after the imaging procedure. For both comfort and quality, only the safest sedatives and anesthetic protocols are used to allow proper positioning and eliminate motion in order to achieve the best diagnostic quality images possible.
  • Ultrasounds, MRI’s, & CT’s are performed by highly trained Veterinarians or Veterinary Specialists depending on the case and service the patient is admitted through. These diagnostic tools are widely used across most advanced care departments.

Collaboration among two or more Doctors is a service that sets Coral Springs Animal Hospital apart from most other veterinary facilities. Collaboration is especially valuable in cases that present diagnostic challenges, and in cases that involve care by more than one service (a common example being Radiology, Oncology, and Surgery teaming up to diagnose and map out the best treatment plan for a cancer patient that needs surgery and chemotherapy.

Coral Springs Animal Hospital’s Advanced Diagnostic Equipment Includes:

  • HD 3D Volumetric Imaging
  • Digital Radiography  May be used in the traditional view or scanning mode to allow an entire patient to be scanned in a single radiograph. Images may be taken at any angle.
  • PETVET 1.5T High Field MRI