Primary Care Veterinary Services in Coral Springs, FL

The Primary Care Veterinarians at Coral Springs Animal Hospital are experienced and trained to handle preventative care, urgent care, and emergency procedures. The Primary Care team at Coral Springs Animal Hospital provides high-quality wellness care throughout the life of your pet.

How We Practice Medicine Differently Than The Rest

The doctors at Coral Springs Animal Hospital have daily hospital rounds that allow discussion and collaboration of complicated cases between our Primary Care Veterinarians, our Emergency Veterinarians, and our Board-Certified Veterinary Specialists. As in human medicine, new knowledge and cutting-edge techniques are evolving so rapidly in veterinary medicine that no single veterinarian can be knowledgeable and competent in all areas of medicine and surgery.

In some instances, just as your physician might refer you to a Board-Certified Specialist, your Primary Care Veterinarian may recognize a problem that a Veterinary Specialist would better handle. When needed, Coral Springs Animal Hospital has Board Certified Veterinary Specialists and highly sophisticated equipment available on-site to diagnose and treat your pet properly. Working as a team with our specialists, we can provide the best care for your pet.

Our Primary Care Animal Hospital Services Include:


  • Routine dental cleaning and extraction of deciduous/retained baby teeth


  • Diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of medical problems for a sick dog or sick cat
  • Pain management


  • Treatment of skin diseases plus fleas, ticks, lice, etc.


  • Wellness Exam
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of a sick dog or sick cat
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Screening and prevention of infectious diseases
  • Screening and prevention of internal and external
  • parasites
  • Individualized senior pet care


  • In-house diagnostic laboratory with a full time certified Laboratory Technician
  • Digital Radiology (X-Ray) with a board-certified specialist in radiology consulting on each case.
  • Echocardiology (EKG) with a board-certified specialist in cardiology consulting on each case


We know your time is valuable. We make every effort to stay on schedule and not double-book. Occasionally, emergencies can cause unavoidable delays. A missed appointment is a loss to everyone. We ask that you provide advance notice (24 hours) if you cannot keep your appointment. We are always happy to reschedule your appointment with your sick dog or cat if something arises. Please call us at (954) 753-1800

Fear-Free Certified Professionals On Our Team

As a primary care animal hospital, we have always strived to provide the best care for your pets. We are proud that our team members are excited to be a part of the evolution of veterinary medicine and are committed to incorporating your pet’s physical and emotional well-being into their comprehensive evaluations of your pet.


For many pets and their owners, going to a Primary Care Animal Hospital can cause anxiety, stress, and even extreme feelings of fear, especially for a sick dog or cat. These situations can be mitigated by our staff by fear-free certified staff members using fear-free techniques to reduce stressful veterinary visits. By creating a healthy and less stressful environment for your pet, we can make your trip to your veterinarian a pleasant one!